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What A-level subjects do you need for the degree you want to study?

Got an idea of the degree subject you want to study, but not sure what A-level subjects you’ll need to take (or might be handy to have)? Figure out the right path with our checklists below.

While many degrees will be open to you whatever A-level subjects you choose, some courses will require or prefer you to have taken specific subjects our guides to A-levels and how to choose A-level subjects might be worth reading.

To find out the essential, useful and typical A-level subjects to have, select the degree subject area you're interested in from the list below...

What A-levels should I take, if I want to study a degree in....?

Choosing your A-level subjects?

Here's six quick tips to keep in mind when finalising those A-level choices:

See where your A-levels will lead you, with our tool

Use our A-level Explorer to see what degree subjects will be open to you, based on your combination of A-level subjects (or the ones you’re thinking of taking). Simply pop in your A-level subjects and see what you could study at university two years from now, based on what previous students went on to study.

Plus, if you have a particular degree subject in mind for the future, you can check that the A-level subjects you’re considering will keep you on the right path.

Where could your A-levels take you?

Enter your A-level choices below to find out

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