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Student life

From sport to nightlife, students deliver their verdict on universities

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5 min read

Going home for Christmas: essential student checklist

It's the end of your freshers' term and you made it through in one piece! Here's what to do before leaving campus and make the most of your time off...

04 December 2019

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5 min read

Black Friday for students: deals and deceptions

Black Friday could be the perfect opportunity to bag a bargain on a big university item for your course or accommodation. Our guide covers where to find a Black Friday deal and more.

11 November 2019

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3 min read

Which? University Student Survey 2019: the results

The top-rated universities in the country according to students in the Which? University Student Survey 2019.

13 August 2019

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8 min read

Top unis for nightlife: Which? University Student Survey 2019

Which university has the most buzzing nightlife in 2019? Students rank the bars, clubs and music venues on their doorstep, in our latest student survey…

13 August 2019

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4 min read

Top unis for political scene: Which? University Student Survey 2019

Find out which universities students rank as having the most engaging political scene on campus...

13 August 2019

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4 min read

Top unis for creative scene: Which? University Student Survey 2019

University is the perfect place to broaden your cultural horizons. So which universities have a creative scene to shout (or even sing) about, according to students?

13 August 2019

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3 min read

Top sporty unis: Which? University Student Survey 2019

Which university gets a gold medal when it comes to sports scene? Students rank the facilities and range of activities on offer at their university...

13 August 2019

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6 min read

Top student unions: Which? University Student Survey 2019

From fighting for your rights to entertaining you, your students' union will play a big part in your university experience. Here are the SUs rated top by students...

13 August 2019

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5 min read

The reality of being a student, according to students

What’s it like being a university student in 2019? We went straight to the source to get students’ views on finance, housing their biggest struggles and more.

30 July 2019

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6 min read

Teaching English abroad – what you need to know

Fancy travelling the world and earning some extra cash along the way? Teaching English abroad can be a great way to immerse yourself in another culture and refresh those CV skills while you’re at it.

29 July 2019

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6 min read

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing at university

Expert advice for students struggling with their mental health at university, including warning signs to look for, preparing for university and finding help.

18 July 2019

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7 min read

Dealing with depression at university

What can you do if you are depressed at university? Our guide covers some of the most popular triggers for depression, plus student share their stories.

18 July 2019

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6 min read

How to survive exam day in 10 tweets

How to ease those exam nerves and spare yourself unnecessary stress on exam day, plus tips once the clock begins.

09 May 2019

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5 min read

Student travel: should you go interrailing?

An Interrail pass will let you tick a few European cities off your list in one trip, but is it worth the money? And could you nab a free pass?

02 May 2019

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5 min read

10 game-changing revision tips you don't want to miss

What are the best ways to revise for exams? We cover some top revision techniques to help you nail your exams.

25 April 2019

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5 min read

Staying productive when studying

Relentless study and revision can make you burn out - here are our tips and tricks to keep on track when learning and revising.

08 April 2019

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6 min read

The best student discounts and how to get them

We look at the top discounts for shopping, eating out and more for students and apprentices. Plus, our sage advice on detecting dodgy deals so you don't get rumbled.

04 February 2019

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5 min read

10 Christmas gift ideas students will love

While a fridge full of food and a warm house are a Christmas miracle in their own right for a university student, here are ten brilliant gift ideas too.

20 November 2018

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4 min read

Freshers' survival: laundry and washing at university

Washing powder or tablets? And what do all those symbols on the washing machine mean? Don’t get into hot water when it comes to laundry at uni – read our simple how-to guide...

19 November 2018

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6 min read

Top student scams: spot and stop them

From fictional flats to fake jobs, there's a lot you can do to take down the scammers focusing their nasty efforts on students.

19 November 2018

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5 min read

Freshers' survival: tips from first year students

As part of our annual Student Survey, we asked thousands of university students for their no.1 tip to survive first year.

11 November 2018

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9 min read

Choosing the right housemates for second year of university

Nobody to live with in your second year? Or can’t decide which friends would make the best housemates? This is what you need to think about when picking who to house-share with.

08 November 2018

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7 min read

Student survival guide: electricity and gas bills

Moving into off-campus housing as a student means dealing with energy bills. Here's what you need to know, from how to cut costs to switching gas and electricity suppliers.

07 November 2018

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4 min read

Top unis to get you job-ready: Which? University Student Survey 2018

We asked students to rate their university for getting them 'job-ready' and prepared to tackle the graduate job market.

16 October 2018

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4 min read

Top universities for student satisfaction

Student satisfaction scores can give you an idea of what the university experience is really like. Here we've rounded up the universities that score top marks...

14 October 2018

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3 min read

Freshers' fair survival guide

The freshers' fair is a staple of any freshers' week at uni. Find the right clubs for you amidst the madness, with our guide.

26 September 2018

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4 min read

Freshers' survival: eight student cooking and food mistakes

The Student Food Project have baked up the eight biggest food and cooking mistakes students make at university. How many are you guilty of?

26 September 2018

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4 min read

How to protect yourself from student scams

Being scammed is stressful, and it could have a big impact on your student budget. We explore how you can protect yourself.

25 July 2018

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6 min read

Prepping for uni: stay safe online

Whether you're a social media titan or you only use the internet for work, make sure you're keeping a tight grip on your personal information.

25 July 2018

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3 min read

Eight apps you need to survive uni

Do you have these apps downloaded? Keep organised, fit, on budget and entertained with these apps.

27 June 2018

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