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Student accommodation

Halls, private, stay at home? Weigh up your living options

4 min read

What should you do if you don't get a place in student halls?

You’ve applied for halls of residence - but there’s no space left. Don’t panic, get help with our expert advice on finding alternative student accommodation.

26 June 2018

5 min read

Should I choose university halls? Top tips from students

Living in uni halls of residence is a great choice for most undergraduates. Get expert advice from students who have already made the move on to campus.

17 June 2018

2 min read

Student accommodation guide #4: living at home

Thinking about staying at home and traveling into university, to save money on rent?

17 May 2018

5 min read

Student accommodation guide #2: private accommodation

Don’t panic if you find yourself living off-campus with strangers from day one of university. Read our guide to renting privately from a landlord or agent in your first year.

16 May 2018

4 min read

Student accommodation guide #1: university halls

Thinking about living in university halls? Our helpful guides will help you with all your uni accommodation decisions.

16 May 2018

4 min read

Student accommodation guide #3: private halls

Considering the private hall option? Some universities will refer you to 3rd party providers if they don't have enough spaces in their halls. This is what you should know.

07 May 2018

5 min read

Applying for student accommodation: Q&A

How do you apply for student accommodation? When do you apply for student accommodation? We’ve got all the answers for you.

16 April 2018

8 min read

Choosing the right housemates for second year of university

Nobody to live with in your second year? Or can’t decide which friends would make the best housemates? This is what you need to think about when picking who to house-share with.

12 February 2018

6 min read

Student survival guide: electricity and gas bills

Moving into off-campus housing as a student means dealing with energy bills. Here's what you need to know, from how to cut costs to switching gas and electricity suppliers.

12 December 2017

5 min read

University halls: 10 things you'll only learn after moving in

Let's face it, moving in with a bunch of strangers isn't the most natural of experiences – and one uni student, Katie, knows all too well. Welcome to university halls.

21 September 2017

3 min read

Should you choose catered or self-catered accommodation?

When choosing accommodation, how do you know if catered halls will suit you? Here are some comments from current students on the catered vs. self-catered debate.

01 March 2017

5 min read

How to pick the right student accommodation

Choosing your student accommodation is more than just picking a halls of residence and hoping for the best. Our friends at NUS explain more…

01 March 2017

2 min read

Student accommodation pros and cons [video]

We sent our roving student video reporter into university campuses to find out the pros and cons of student accommodation. Watch the video to see what students said…

12 June 2015

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