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Clearing and results day

Exam results: what to do next, whatever the outcome

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7 min read

A-level results day 2019: what to expect

A-level results day 2019 is on Thursday 15 August. Get ready for every possible scenario, including if you don't get the results you needed.

13 August 2019

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8 min read

Ucas Clearing 2019: Your survival guide

Everything you need to find a course through Ucas Clearing. We have the latest info on Clearing 2019 and what to do before and after results day.

13 August 2019

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5 min read

How to survive results day, according to students

Collecting those all-important results this summer? We spoke to students who were in the same position last year to ask them for their top tips...

29 July 2019

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5 min read

How to survive results day, according to parents

Parents who took a ride on the results day roller-coaster last year with their child told us about the experience, including what they did when their child didn't get the grades they hoped for.

29 July 2019

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5 min read

Clearing 2019: How might your Clearing phone call go?

What questions can you expect when you call a university during Clearing – and how do you tackle them on the spot? Our mock Q&A covers some popular scenarios...

05 July 2019

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5 min read

Clearing 2019: how to call universities

Wondering what questions will be asked during Clearing? Prepare for your Clearing phone call with our Clearing checklist.

05 July 2019

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5 min read

BTEC results day and Clearing: what you need to know

Our expert guide to results day for BTEC students. Top Clearing tips to help BTEC students stand out from the crowd.

04 July 2019

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8 min read

SQA results day: what to expect

A guide of what to expect on results day in Scotland, including how to prepare and what to do if you don't get the SQA results you were expecting.

04 July 2019

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5 min read

Clearing 2019: five ways to get a head start

Results day might mean university Clearing for any student. It’s best to be prepared. Stay ahead of the competition with our Clearing tips.

04 July 2019

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7 min read

GCSE results day 2019: what to expect

What is GCSE results day like? What do the recent changes mean for you? Can you retake if you don’t get the grades you were expecting?

04 July 2019

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5 min read

Clearing guide 2019 for parents

A useful Clearing guide for parents to help support their child on A-level Results Day 2019, whatever results they open.

03 July 2019

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9 min read

The reality of Clearing: as told by students

You may have only heard horror stories about the Clearing process, but here’s the real story from people who have actually gone through it…

03 July 2019

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3 min read

How I survived Clearing: Megan's story

Did you not get the grades you wanted for uni? Going through Clearing needn’t be stressful. Hear another student’s successful story.

03 July 2019

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4 min read

Where to go for help with Clearing 2019

Not sure who can help with Clearing vacancies? Our guide tells you who to contact with all your Ucas clearing advice and essentials for 2019.

03 July 2019

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5 min read

Clearing 2019: 10 tips from students to help you through

Are you about to face university Clearing? We asked previous students to give us their top Clearing tips. Keep calm with our helpful Clearing guide.

03 July 2019

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4 min read

Clearing 2019: five things you didn't know about Clearing and results day

Think you're ready for results day (and potentially, Clearing too)? Here are five facts that might catch you off-guard...

03 July 2019

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5 min read

Clearing and results day 2019: prepare your back-up plan

Get prepared now for A-level results day not going to plan. From similar courses to university shortlists and trading up – our Ucas Clearing 2019 tips will help to keep you calm.

03 July 2019

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4 min read

Clearing 2019: how to make your university course decision

Clearing can be stressful – don’t panic! Read our Clearing guide with tips for helping you make the right university course decision.

03 July 2019

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1 min read

Clearing 2019: tips from admissions tutors [video]

Need to go through Ucas Clearing? This useful short video features helpful advice from university admissions tutors.

02 July 2019

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4 min read

Clearing 2019: five ways Which? University can make your life easier

We’re here to help make the Clearing process easier. Our helpful search lets you quickly compare courses and universities. Plus, lots more Clearing tips.

30 June 2019

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4 min read

Finding accommodation in Clearing

Are you searching for last-minute student accommodation? Don’t panic. Read our real-life student Clearing experiences for tips.

25 June 2019

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2 min read

Student accommodation guide #4: living at home

Thinking about staying at home and travelling into university, to save money on rent?

17 May 2018

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4 min read

Student accommodation guide #1: university halls

Thinking about living in university halls? Our helpful guides will help you with all your uni accommodation decisions.

16 May 2018

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4 min read

Student accommodation guide #3: private halls

Considering the private hall option? Some universities will refer you to 3rd party providers if they don't have enough spaces in their halls. This is what you should know.

07 May 2018

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4 min read

How do universities view gap years?

Gap years can be a good plan before starting your uni course. With lots of gap-year opportunities and ideas out there, here’s how to make sure your gap year is viewed favourably by your university.

16 April 2018

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4 min read

Results day 2016: how it all went down

Last minute meltdowns, results reactions, cupcakes, Snapchat Stories – this is how results day 2016 went down in one school.

15 June 2017

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3 min read

Top five subjects found through Clearing revealed

What subjects and courses can you study through Clearing? Read our breakdown of official Ucas data to see where Clearing might take you…

30 May 2017

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Clearing 2019: a step-by-step guide

Download and print your free copy of the Which? University five-step guide to Clearing 2019 right here.

30 May 2016

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3 min read

Student view: what it's like to go through Clearing

Our student blogger reveals what it's like to go through Ucas Clearing and offers some tips on how to approach the whole experience.

30 May 2016

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