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Preparing for university

Nervous and excited? Get the lowdown on life as a fresher

4 min read

Freshers: 10 essentials to pack for uni

A student checklist of the main things you need to remember to pack in your bag for uni - as well as what you don't need...

16 August 2018

6 min read

Freshers' survival: student banking tips

Essential banking tips for any university student including choosing the best student bank account, how to use overdrafts and credits cards, and more.

16 August 2018

4 min read

Preparing for university: 10 tips

Heading off to uni soon? From packing to opening a student bank account, here are 10 ways to get fully prepared for student life.

15 August 2018

4 min read

Student finance tips: How to stretch your student loan

Want to make your money for uni last longer? Our top student finance tips will make budgeting easier.

06 June 2018

3 min read

Five ways to stay connected with home friends

Don't float away from friends and family when you move to uni. Try our mix of retro and modern tips to stay in touch.

05 June 2018

5 min read

10 things to remember to budget for at university

It can be difficult to know how other students budget their money. Before you go to university, read our guide to find out about student discounts and other budgeting tips.

17 April 2018

3 min read

10 Christmas gift ideas students will love

While a fridge full of food and a warm house are a Christmas miracle in their own right for a university student, here are ten brilliant gift ideas too.

01 October 2017

3 min read

Freshers' fair survival guide

The freshers' fair is a staple of any freshers' week at uni. Find the right clubs for you amidst the madness, with our guide.

10 September 2017

5 min read

Ten things to make your move to uni easier

Ten things you can do now to help you get ready for university, including things to help you live independently and settle into your new surroundings.

16 August 2017

4 min read

Countdown to freshers' week: Dan's photo diary

Soon-to-be uni student Dan chronicles his final days at home before moving to uni, including an unforgettable trip to Europe and some last minute culinary training...

10 August 2017

4 min read

Five start-of-term expenses you weren't expecting

Which expenses can crop up and surprise you before you even start university? See what you should be budgeting for which you might not expect.

07 August 2017

3 min read

Tweet-sized tips to get you ready for university

Over on Twitter, we've been sharing some essential tips for surviving the move to uni. Catch up quickly now...

05 August 2017

3 min read

Six things you DON’T need to pack for university

What DON'T you need to pack when you leave for university? Find out and save yourself some space!

01 August 2017

4 min read

10 things every fresher should know

Freshers! Here are 10 things you should know before your freshers' week at university gets underway.

04 August 2016

4 min read

Freshers: what to expect in your first university term

While no two university experiences are the same, having an idea of how the first term has gone for other students can help you to prepare for what’s in store.

04 April 2015

2 min read

Freshers: what to expect in your first term at university [video]

Our roving student video reporter hit university campuses to find out what you can expect in your freshers' term at uni. Watch the video to see what students said…

04 September 2014

4 min read

College to uni: seven key differences to look out for

The move from college or sixth form to university may seem a little daunting, so we're helping you get prepared by highlighting the main differences.

16 September 2013

1 min read

Freshers: your first term in numbers [infographic]

What to expect from your first term at university? Check out our infographic to find out what first-term students told us about their fresher experience so far.

22 August 2013

4 min read

Student view: five things I didn't expect in my first year

Our student blogger Joanna has been sharing her experiences in her first year at university – here are five unexpected things she learnt in her freshers' year.

06 February 2013

3 min read

What your students' union can do for you

When you first arrive at uni you're bound to come across your students' union. NUS explains what union life is all about and how you can get involved...

06 September 2012

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