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Four bizarre but effective revision methods

Revision can be downright tedious at times; we've all had our fair share of mind-numbingly dull flash card sessions…

But what if there were some other ways to get that grade you've been chasing all year, without the repetitive means of drilling lots of boring information into your skull until it stays there? 

There's a whole new world of revision that our teachers didn't tell us about here are four weird tips to make that knowledge stick:

1. Transform your notes into song lyrics

So no, we can't all be Adele; but adding a tune to your revision notes or rewriting them into lyrics can do wonders.

Creation and transformation are amazing tools for getting those key points in your long term memory to reappear in an exam and say: 'Hello, it's me'.

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2. Say difficult words in a different accent

This is an extremely useful method as it helps those pesky definitions and names stick in your mind and you can have a bit of a giggle at the same time. 

Just make sure your bedroom door is closed and no one is in earshot while you say 'corpus callosum' in an Australian accent – you might sound a bit strange.

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    3. Stick post-it notes… everywhere!

    A personal favourite of mine. There's just something so satisfying about making a peanut butter sandwich and reading about the Grice's Maxims that you previously stuck to the lid of the jar while you do so. 

    Stick revision notes all over the house: on your cats, in the toilet... they'll pop up throughout the day and remind you of key facts.

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    4. Light a candle, spray some perfume...

    Some research suggests that stimulating one of your senses during revision and then during application, can increase memory retrieval as you may associate smell or taste with the notes you were reviewing the last time you experienced these sensations. 

    You'll find yourself thinking: ‘Hmmm, bubble gum... reminds me of the quadratic equation!’


    Hopefully these tips keep you in high spirits during revision

    Plus, they can make the whole experience a little more entertaining. After all, good things come to those who work hard... but even better to those who enjoy working hard.


    Have a weirder revision method? We want to hear it...

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    About Mel

    Mel is Year 13 student and member of Youthsight's Opinion Panel community. She boasts a love for writing, watching terrible horror movies and hoarding about as many books as she has cats. She's currently studying English literature and language, psychology and sociology with hopes to study creative writing at uni next year.

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