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Revision help

Tips and tricks to set you on the road to exam success

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6 min read

How to survive exam day in 10 tweets

How to ease those exam nerves and spare yourself unnecessary stress on exam day, plus tips once the clock begins.

09 May 2019

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5 min read

10 game-changing revision tips you don't want to miss

What are the best ways to revise for exams? We cover some top revision techniques to help you nail your exams.

25 April 2019

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5 min read

Staying productive when studying

Relentless study and revision can make you burn out - here are our tips and tricks to keep on track when learning and revising.

08 April 2019

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5 min read

If I fail in my exams, what do I do?

What are your options if your final exams go disastrously? Whether you've got your results or you're not feeling confident about results day, this is what you can do.

06 April 2019

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9 min read

Making the grade: A* students share their revision tips and secrets

A* students share their top tips for how to revise for A-levels, plus we share advice on when to start and more.

04 February 2019

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4 min read

Making a revision timetable that actually works

Revision timetables are unquestionably a good idea, but how do you make a study schedule that actually works?

18 April 2018

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4 min read

I messed up my mocks… what do I do?

If your mocks didn’t go as planned, it can be disappointing. Here’s how to bounce back to ensure you get the A-levels you deserve, and get into the university you want.

17 April 2018

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4 min read

Five revision no-nos you should drop right now

Student Ruby has learned some harsh lessons about revising the wrong way. Here are five things you shouldn’t be doing when studying for exams. 

28 March 2018

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3 min read

Five study habits you should begin now

Pick up these study tips ASAP, and see the difference in your grades come the end of the year.

27 March 2018

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2 min read

Four bizarre but effective revision methods

Student Mel lifts the lid on some unusual revision methods to shake things up.

15 April 2017

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4 min read

20 more revision tip tweets you shouldn't ignore

The revision help keeps coming! Here are another 20 tweet-sized tips to catch up on as exam season edges ever closer...

04 April 2017

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