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Which? University Student Survey 2019: the results

The results of the Which? University Student Survey 2019 are in! Which universities came top according to those who matter most, the students?

This year, more than 11,000 students from around 127 universities and colleges across the country told us what they loved and loathed about their uni as part of the Which? University Student Survey 2019.

Universities claim big things in their prospectuses, but we went straight to their students to find out the truth. So if you're currently choosing where to study, you can make a confident choice. We paid particularly close attention to the following key aspects:
And for the first time this year, we've been able to highlight the universities students rate highly for making them ready for the world of work.

Plus, see which 'all-rounder' universities scored highly across most categories in this year’s survey. 

Universities with the top-rated nightlife

Top rated universities for nightlife (in alphabetical order):
See why students at these universities rated them top in the country for their local pubs, clubs, restaurants music venues, including their recommendations if you find yourself without evening plans in these cities.

Universities with the top-rated student unions

Top rated student unions (in alphabetical order):
What make these unions special? Is it the variety of events they hold? Are they particularly brilliant listeners when it comes to what their students care about? See what their students said about them.

Universities with the top-rated sports scenes

Top rated universities for sports scene (in alphabetical order):
What makes these sports scenes worthy of a gold medal? Read about their sports societies, clubs and teams to see if they offer what you enjoy. Perhaps there's a sport you want to pick up?

Universities with top-rated creative scenes

Top rated universities for creative scene (in alphabetical order):
What makes these creative scenes so inspiring? Read what students said about them, including opportunities to display your work and engage with leading figures.

Universities with top-rated political scenes

Top rated universities for political scene (in alphabetical order):
What makes these political scenes so engaging? Read what students said about them, including the diversity of opinions on campus, opportunities to discuss issues and more.


All-rounder universities revealed...

A special mention goes out to the University of Birmingham and University of Sheffield who scored highly across four of our five categories. If you have a varied range of interests, they might be worth checking out.


About the Which? University Student Survey 2019

Each year, Which? commissions an independent survey of current higher education students in the UK to find out more about their experience of university.

We surveyed a total of 3,874 students from over 127 institutions this year, merging findings from our 2018 and 2017 surveys to give an overall sample of 11,092 students. All surveys were conducted by YouthSight on behalf of Which?, in March/April of the respective year.

The survey samples used to analyse all but one of the categories were: third years responding to the 2018 survey; second and third years responding to the 2017 survey; and all respondents to the 2016 survey. For the job-readiness category, we used second and third years from all three survey years.

Our minimum threshold was 30 respondents per university standard for our surveys that use this linear plotting technique, and is based upon empirical testing of a range of sample sizes we carried out in 2014.

Statistical differences between groups of universities were identified as follows. For each measure, a mean score on the 1-10 scale was calculated for each university. Analysis of variance was used to establish whether there were any significant differences between the means, and then a linear plotting technique was used to identify significant breaks between the means of groups of universities. The groups with the highest mean scores were reported as 'highly rated'.

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