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Top sporty unis: Which? University Student Survey 2016

Doing sports at uni can help you relieve stress, make new friends and keep you fit and healthy. So which universities get a gold medal for sport from students?

We surveyed almost 11,000 students in the Which? University Student Survey 2016 to learn how they rate the sports facilities and range of activities on offer at their university.

Which university has the top-rated sports scene?

Loughborough University

Which? University Student Survey 2016 - Loughborough University
'[The] number of sport clubs and societies is quite large.'

'Sports at Loughborough are ridiculously good.'

'Really enjoy it but - don't expect to get into the sports teams unless you are the best person at that sport that you know of!'

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University of Bath

University of Bath - Which? University Student Survey 2016
'Everyone can get involved not just the elite so [it's] good to try something new.'

'Sport facilities are amazing.'

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Durham University

Durham University - Which? University Student Survey 2016
'Huge range of sports and societies available. Almost every hobby and sport is covered in some way.'

'College system is excellent at getting students into sport and other activities. It's also a really good way to get to know people quickly and makes first year a lot more friendly.'

'College societies are cheap and are less competitive, so less sporty students still have the opportunity to get involved.'

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Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University - Which? University Student Survey 2016
'There is clear investment in sports and related courses from the University.'

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About the Which? University Student Survey 2016

We asked students to score the degree to which they would describe their university as having a thriving sports scene.

We merged the findings from surveying students in March/April 2016 with results from our October 2014 student survey so we could characterise a greater number of institutions, using a larger combined base of around 10,664 students.

Where we have answers from at least 30 students, we analyse the results to calculate average scores and to highlight the group of top-performing universities overall.

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