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Choosing a course

Which subject and which university? We help you decide

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6 min read

Uni applicant diaries: students reveal their application secrets

How do you narrow those Ucas choices down to five? Year 13 student Ruby asks current university students how they did it.

16 September 2016

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6 min read

Studying abroad in Europe

A guide for British students looking to study in Europe, including where you can study, what you can expect to pay in fees, and more.

04 September 2016

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6 min read

10 things to look for when comparing university courses

There are hundreds of undergraduate courses to choose from. How do you compare courses? How do you choose the right university? Read our degree comparison guide.

30 August 2016

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5 min read

Studying abroad: Australia

Study abroad in Australia and get both a world-respected qualification AND the ultimate Down Under-experience! Find out why so Australia is more than just kangaroos and surfing.

28 August 2016

Blurred a60 anglia ruskin faculty of health  social care and education

3 min read

Choosing a university course: five academic factors to consider

From interesting lectures to high-quality libraries and labs, it’s important to find a university course that’s going to offer you a great academic experience.

28 August 2016

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3 min read

Uni applicant diaries: uni fairs and how to squeeze the most out of them

University fairs can be frantic and over way too quickly. Student Hannah shares some tips from her recent visit to one.

05 April 2016

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5 min read

Uni applicant diaries: Ruby’s uni taster day

Year 12 student Ruby takes us behind-the-scenes at University of York’s English Literature taster day. 

04 April 2016

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3 min read

Uni applicant diaries: how Lilly made her Ucas choices

A-level student Lilly explains how she has made her Ucas choices. Which two choices stood out to her, and why? What can you learn from Lilly's experience?

01 January 2016

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2 min read

Uni applicant diaries: how Amelia made her Ucas choices

How does a self-confessed 'aspirational nutcase' navigate the Ucas process, especially when applying to the mega-competitive field of medicine? Student Amelia takes us on her application journey…

01 January 2016

Blurred studying in us edit

5 min read

Studying abroad: USA

Is studying in the States your 'American Dream'? Read our full guide to studying at an American university.

28 August 2015

Blurred study in netherlands

5 min read

Studying abroad: the Netherlands

Considering studying in the Netherlands? Here's everything you need to know including the rather different philosophy on entry requirements, Numerus Fixus, and student life in the country.

28 August 2015

Blurred study in canada

4 min read

Studying abroad: Canada

Have you considered studying abroad in Canada? Learn more about this country which offers a high standard of education against jaw-dropping landscapes.

27 August 2015

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3 min read

How Moocs can help #2: choosing a uni course

A free online course could give you the taster you need to finally decide on the degree course you want to do. Online course provider FutureLearn explains more...

26 May 2015

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3 min read

How Moocs can help #1: deciding on university

How can a Mooc help you decide if university is right for you? Online course provider FutureLearn explains...

26 May 2015

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3 min read

Keeping checks on university standards – an insider look

You’ll be regularly assessed as part of your degree studies, but ever wondered who’s assessing the assessors? QAA is there to do just that – here’s what’s involved.

05 October 2014

Blurred kings varsity

2 min read

What do student satisfaction scores really tell you?

Student satisfaction scores can help you understand what current students think about their uni experience. NUS explain what student satisfaction scores reveal…

05 September 2014

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3 min read

Why do some courses sound similar, but have different names?

There are thousands of similar courses with lot of the different-sounding names on Ucas. Here’s how you can read between the lines.

14 August 2014

Blurred university campus suffolk3

4 min read

How much face-to-face time with tutors should you expect?

How many hours will you be in lectures or in one-to-one sessions with your subject tutors? It all depends on the course, but expect a big shift from school days…

10 June 2014

Blurred 978 st mary s university twickenham   students relax on campus

1 min read

Choosing a university [video]

Not sure which university course to choose? Our video reporter asked university applicants what and where they've chosen to study, and why...

31 March 2014

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1 min read

In numbers: how the uni applicants of 2014 made their choices

We asked 1,000 of this year's university applicants how and why they made their course choices – here's what they told us.

18 March 2014

Blurred solihull college 5

2 min read

Uni applicants 2014: how and why you made your choices

We asked you how you made your university choices and which factors really counted. Here's what you told us...

11 March 2014

Blurred cardiff metropolitan

3 min read

Disabled access at university – top tips on what to look for

Here's how to find out about the disabled access at universities and what else to consider before applying.

20 February 2014

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3 min read

Should you choose an accredited course?

Studying a course that's been accredited by a relevant body could give you a headstart when it comes to getting a job within that particular industry.

16 December 2013

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2 min read

What is the 1994 Group?

Like the Russell Group, the 1994 Group is another prestigious group of universities though it is no longer active. Take a look here to find out more about this previous group.

15 October 2013

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4 min read

Part-time students: 10 things you need to know

Does the idea of becoming a part-time student appeal? Flexible options are often on offer from universities and colleges - here's how to weigh up those part-time possibilities.

08 May 2013

Blurred uwtsd 7

1 min read

What is UKADIA?

Want to study a creative course? UKADIA is a group of arts and design institutions from across the UK's higher and further education sectors - here’s a list of the members…

30 January 2013

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3 min read

Top universities for graduate starting salaries [2012]

Revealed: the top universities for graduate starting salaries. See which universities produce the highest earning graduates after six months and - of course - how much they're earning.

27 November 2012

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1 min read

What is University Alliance?

University Alliance is a group of ‘business engaged’ universities. Take a look here to find out more about what they do and who's a member.

30 October 2012

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1 min read

What is the Million+ Group?

Million+ Group is a public policy think tank made up of universities. Take a look here to find out who's a member..

30 October 2012

Blurred plymouthuniversity5

4 min read

Is a distance learning course right for you?

More flexible, accessible and affordable - could distance learning be right for you? As the biggest distance learning providers in the UK, the Open University explains more.

10 September 2012

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