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Higher Education options explained
There's more than one route into Higher Education. Open your students' eyes up to all the possibilities available - from degree apprenticeships to studying abroad - and debunk the common myths about university.
Applying for an apprenticeship: what your students need to know

Teachers, support your students to apply for a work-based option after A-levels

5 min read
Higher and degree apprenticeships guide

Download our free, comprehensive guide to higher and degree apprenticeships, covering everything from what your students can study...

Russell Group or non-Russell Group university?

It's a name that's mentioned a lot - so what do Russell Group universities offer over and above the other options?

4 min read
The Complete Guide to Foundation Degrees

Foundation degrees offer a great deal of flexibility, combining academic study with work-based learning. Could this be the perfect...

The Complete Guide to Sponsored Degrees

Would your students prefer a degree that combines study and paid work experience? A sponsored degree may appeal to them...

The Complete Guide to Studying Abroad

Studying in the UK isn’t the only option. If your students are excited by the idea of experiencing another culture while obtaining a...

The Which? Parents' Guide to University

Our parents' guide contains everything they need to support a child applying to university. An essential for parents' evenings -...

Truths and myths about university

Task students with deciding which statements are true or false to help them de-bunk some university myths.

Lesson activity
15 min read
What next after sixth form?

These editable presentation slides help you to explore different Higher Education (HE) routes your students could follow after sixth...

Lesson activity
15 min read
Which degrees are in demand?

Which degree subjects are in most demand from employers - and what jobs can they lead to? Our labour market expert reveals all.

6 min read
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