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For teachers

The complete student finance guide

Are your students fretting about the cost of uni? Let our easy-to-read guide take the fear out of finance…

Student finance may seem scary to students, and a minefield of figures and jargon for you as a teacher to stay on top of. However, fear not. We've brought you a free, downloadable guide on student finance packed full of the information you need.

What does it include?

This guide can be used to deepen you understanding of this area or as a separate resource to share with your class. It takes you through:
  • The basics of tuition fees
  • Student loans and finance, how to apply for them and how you pay them back
  • Bursaries and scholarships: are you entitled to them? 
  • Other funding available and how you can apply
  • Student budgeting and how to make your money last
  • Our student budget planner: help your students to manage their living costs at uni
  • We bust the myths surrounding student finance


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