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Ucas application

Inside university interviews, tests and applications

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1 min read

The Getting Into Uni Guide [Download]

We've teamed up with The Student Room to create a free, comprehensive guide to getting into university, covering everything from research to applying, finance to freshers' week survival.

12 October 2017

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4 min read

Summer boredom-busters for Year 12s

Once you've watched absolutely everything on Netflix and physically can't sleep any more, tick off a few of Ruby's summer to-dos (and get ahead on next term).

02 August 2017

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4 min read

Year 12s: five ways to get ahead over summer

Our Year 12 student blogger reveals how you can ahead on your Ucas application over the summer holidays.

20 June 2017

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3 min read

Ucas Adjustment explained

A-level results in and your grades are better than you’d expected? You could find a new university place through Ucas Adjustment.

13 June 2017

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5 min read

If I fail in my exams, what do I do?

What are your options if your final exams go disastrously wrong? Whether you've got your results or you're just not feeling too confident ahead of results day, this is what you can do...

23 February 2017

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3 min read

Putting together your portfolio: students' top tips

Got to put a portfolio together for a creative course? Current arts students share their tips on how to make sure yours makes an impact with admissions tutors...

11 February 2017

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4 min read

Applicant diaries: my extracurricular secret weapons

Universities are often looking for more than just top grades. Student Megan explains how her extracurricular activities are her secret weapon for applying.

30 January 2017

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1 min read

Ucas application hacks - your cartoon guide

Get some handy university application tips AND have a giggle with these cartoons.

14 December 2016

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2 min read

Five New Year's resolutions for university applicants

Hoping to head off to uni in 2017? Then you've got a big year ahead of you. So, in fitting New Year's style, here are some resolutions that could help you on your way.

01 December 2016

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3 min read

What to expect at a university interview - by subject

Invited to a university interview? To help give you a flavour for what's in store, we asked past student interviewees of different subjects - from languages to maths - to share what happened at their interview.

08 November 2016

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2 min read

Inside a university interview – as told by students

Been invited to a university interview and not sure what to expect? We asked students to describe exactly what their interview experiences were like.

08 November 2016

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1 min read

Calculate your Ucas points [Infographic]

Find out how to turn your predicted grades into Ucas points with our handy infographics, covering A-levels, Scottish Highers, BTECs and more.

01 November 2016

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3 min read

Preparing for your university interview - top tips from students

Get prepared for your university interview! We asked students to tell us how they managed to impress their university interviewers - here are their top tips...

22 October 2016

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3 min read

Waiting for uni offers: how to keep your head

'I keep checking Track every few hours - even at 2am - in case there's an update...'. Sound familiar? The Student Room explains how to keep your head when waiting for university offers.

12 October 2016

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3 min read

Uni applicant diaries: Ruby's Oxford summer residential

Year 13 student Ruby was invited to a week-long summer residential at Oxford to get a glimpse of student life there.

07 October 2016

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3 min read

Will submitting an early Ucas application stand in your favour?

Submitting your application early may increase your chances of being offered a place on the course you want. Here we explain the pros and cons…

04 October 2016

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4 min read

Uni applicant diaries: transitioning from S5 to S6

Scottish student Rebecca shares some seven key lessons about Highers, Advanced Highers and applying to universities in Scotland.

26 September 2016

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4 min read

What happens on a university access or outreach programme?

Oxford hopeful Ruby reveals all about the access programme which has been preparing her for the most important application of her life.

16 September 2016

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3 min read

Uni applicant diaries: applying to Oxbridge

Oxbridge is famously tough to get into - so if you're nervous about applying there, you're not the only one. Our applicant bloggers share their feelings...

05 September 2016

Blurred reference guide for students

5 min read

How to get the Ucas reference you want

When applying to uni, you'll hear lots about personal statements. But what about its invisible cousin, the reference? Our guide to Ucas references reveals more...

24 November 2015

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4 min read

Medicine entry requirements - five key things to know

Getting a place to study medicine is tough. Here's what you need to know about entry requirements for medicine...

15 September 2015

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1 min read

Replying to university offers: five top tactics [Infographic]

Before you head to Ucas Track to accept offers, follow these five steps to making your firm and insurance choices.

23 February 2015

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2 min read

The university interview: questions you can ask [video]

University interview coming up? A good question will impress your interviewer as much as a good answer. Careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened explain more.

22 September 2014

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1 min read

How to be a standout university applicant [video]

What makes a Ucas application really stand out? Our video reporter quizzes admissions tutors on what they're looking for – here’s what they said...

05 September 2014

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3 min read

Will Advanced Highers help me get into uni?

After completing four or five Highers in S5, you might be offered the chance to spend the next year taking Advanced Highers before continuing on to university. Will doing this help you get into uni? The experts explain.

01 August 2014

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2 min read

Uni applicant diaries: personal statement writing

Writing a personal statement is, for many, the most daunting part of the uni application process. Our applicant bloggers explain why it's not really that bad...

21 July 2014

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1 min read

The university interview: how to buy yourself time [video]

University interview coming up? Interviews are usually fairly short - buy yourself more time with these video tips from careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened.

04 June 2014

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1 min read

The university interview: getting over nerves [video]

University interview coming up? It's natural to be nervous – careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened share their interview tips on how to handle it.

16 May 2014

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1 min read

The Ucas application and personal statement [video]

We speak to university applicants to find out their thoughts on the Ucas application process (and that personal statement!)…

25 April 2014

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4 min read

Oxbridge university interviews: the truth behind the myths

Been invited to an interview at Oxford or Cambridge Universities? Students who have been through the Oxbridge interview process share their stories.

11 November 2013

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