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Student life

From sport to nightlife, students deliver their verdict on universities

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5 min read

Student insurance at university: what you need to know

Student insurance provider Endsleigh provides a (fully protected) crash course in student insurance at university, including what different plans offer and common student scenarios.

23 October 2017

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5 min read

University halls: 10 things you'll only learn after moving in

Let's face it, moving in with a bunch of strangers isn't the most natural of experiences – and one uni student, Katie, knows all too well. Welcome to university halls.

21 September 2017

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3 min read

Living with autism at uni: how to deal with anxiety

While everyone with autism is unique, there are five common triggers for anxiety shared by many autistic students. As part of our autism and university series, our expert shares tips on how to tackle them.

04 September 2017

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2 min read

Living with autism at uni: adjusting and settling in

You've applied to uni, made the grades - now it's time to jump in. As part of our autism series, read top tips from university students with autism on settling in.

04 September 2017

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4 min read

Living with autism at uni: Holly's story

Living with autism as a university student comes with its challenges and its rewards - as part of our autism series, we chat to uni student Holly about her experience.

04 September 2017

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4 min read

Countdown to freshers' week: Dan's photo diary

Soon-to-be uni student Dan chronicles his final days at home before moving to uni, including an unforgettable trip to Europe and some last minute culinary training...

10 August 2017

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2 min read

Four bizarre but effective revision methods

Student Mel lifts the lid on some unusual revision methods to shake things up.

15 April 2017

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4 min read

20 more revision tip tweets you shouldn't ignore

The revision help keeps coming! Here are another 20 tweet-sized tips to catch up on as exam season edges ever closer...

04 April 2017

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4 min read

20 game-changing revision tips you don't want to miss

Revision season is in full swing. Over on Twitter, we’ve been regularly pumping out quick tricks and hacks to help you.

04 April 2017

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4 min read

My first term at uni: Dan's photo diary

What will your first term at uni look like? Dan takes us through some snaps of his first three months at Teesside University.

23 November 2016

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3 min read

How a part-time job now can pay off later

Even if the Bank of Mum and Dad is happy to pay your phone bill and fund festival trips, getting a part-time job might have other benefits, too.

14 October 2016

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3 min read

Freshers’ week: Chloe's photo diary

Chloe shares her freshers’ week experience at the University of Edinburgh.

03 October 2016

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3 min read

Top specialist institutions for student satisfaction (NSS)

Find out the specialist institutions with the happiest students according to the National Student Survey.

16 September 2016

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6 min read

Top universities for student satisfaction (NSS)

Student satisfaction scores can give you an idea of what the student experience might be like for you. Here are the universities with the happiest students according to the National Student Survey...

13 September 2016

Blurred lancaster freshersfair

4 min read

10 unusual university societies

Weird and wonderful university societies around the UK revealed – read on if Mario, onesies or Vikings sound like your thing…

10 September 2016

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4 min read

Mature student view: five tips on returning to university

Giving up on the 'real world' and heading back to university as a mature student isn't an easy path to embark on. Our mature student blogger Jayne shares how, at 29, the experience is going for her.

17 February 2014

Blurred kings

3 min read

Top colleges for student satisfaction

Some local colleges are increasingly rivalling traditional universities. Here are the top colleges for student satisfaction...

17 December 2013

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1 min read

The social side of student life [video]

Our roving student video reporter headed to university campuses to find out all about the social side of student life. Watch the video to see what students said…

05 September 2012

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1 min read

What I wish I'd known before going to uni [video]

Our student video reporter headed to university campuses to find out what students wish they’d known before they went to uni...

05 September 2012

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1 min read

The best and worst things about being a student [video]

We sent our roving student video reporter out into university campuses to find out what the best and worst things about student life really were…

05 September 2012

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