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20 game-changing revision tips you don't want to miss

Revision season is in full swing. Over on Twitter, we’ve been pumping out tricks and hacks to help you.

We're not ones to let useful revision advice go to waste. Here's a round-up of the best tips (click on the date of the tweet to retweet it):

Exams almost here? Our 2nd batch of revision tweets include tips for those final days before the big day.

1. The first step is a study timetable…

Must read: making a revision timetable that actually works


2. …because smaller tasks aren't quite so intimidating.


3. In this timetable, note down some goals…


4. …and check you’re achieving these. Enter a blast from the past (papers).

5. A 'one-way-fits-all' approach isn't always best.


6. Start work on those notes.


7. There's power in constructing odd strings of letters.


8. Don't get cocky either.


9. Even if you can't guarantee what will come up in the exam, focus on what you can control…


10. …like precious, precious sleep.


11. But be open to flexibility.


12. In fact, the above will help if your study space is always changing.

13. You're not alone either!


14. However, keep focused on numero uno…


15. …and recognise which pals are positive influences.


16. You are what you eat.


17. Stock up on healthy snacks to stay focused.


18. Treat yourself.


19. In fact, use them to keep you going.


20. If it all gets too much, know when to take time out.


Did that help? 

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