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Student money: 10 ways to cut your costs at university

Worried about how much the student lifestyle is going to cost you? Here are 10 top tips from students on save money and still enjoying yourself…

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1. A student travelcard is a must

Get yourself a student railcard and coach card for big discounts. Third Year History Of Art Student | University Of Arts London

2. Get your books second-hand

Book costs can sometimes be quite expensive; however past students are happy to sell their second-hand books on at a good price and ask your tutors if earlier editions of text books, which are usually cheaper, are still ok to use. Third Year Forensic Science Student | University Of Bedfordshire

3. Food shop in the evenings 

Many shops on and off campus sell reduced items near closing time at around 6-7pm in the evening. Buy your lunch for the following day, or just a snack to keep you going, but at those costs, you'll save loads. Third Year Architecture Student | De Montfort University

4. Go out on student nights

The student union offers cheap food and drink every day, and on nights out the clubs in town offer specific students’ nights, where the drinks are cheaper. First Year Sports Science Student | Cardiff Metropolitan University

5. Earn easy extra money

I earn extra money by mystery shopping and completing online surveys when I can. Second Year Biological Sciences Student | Royal Veterinary College

6. Get involved in uni research 

Sign up for psychology and economics experiments; you get paid. First Year Medicine Student | University College London

7. Don't be tricked by supermarket offers 

My advice for supermarket shopping is to buy cheap brands and don't get carried away with offers. Only buy if you know you'll use / eat it! First Year Psychology Student | University Of Lincoln

8. Always ask about student discounts

Never be shy to ask that money-saving question: 'do you offer a student discount?' Even say it at ice-cream stands - because you never know. I once got a student discount with my UCAS card for entrance to a museum... And that was in Spain! Third Year Engineering Student | Bournemouth University

9. Get on your bike

You'll save a lot of money if you cycle rather than get the bus. First Year Biology Student | University Of Essex

10. Get cooking

Instead of eating out or ordering takeaway every time, just buy stuff from the supermarket and cook on your own, cook with friends by splitting money and arranging cooking days, or make an occasion of a night in by cooking together. Second Year Business Student | Brunel University



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