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Applying for bursaries and scholarships – student tips

Want to apply for a bursary or scholarship but not sure how the process works? We asked students to share any top tips they had on securing funding.

Plus, here's how you find out which bursaries and scholarships are available and what you'll need to budget for once you're actually at university (handy to help with estimating your costs see below!). 

Identify all available funding 

It is almost always a good idea to apply to as many funding bodies as possible, and to remember that a person or an organisation giving you large amounts of money is usually looking for something in an applicant; leadership, for example, or social involvement, which would be good starting points to base application essays and interview answers on. Fourth Year Biology Student | University Of Oxford

Apply early

If you’re applying for a scholarship, many of them have a series of interviews or test results that need to be completed before the start of term so make sure you know what you need to do to be eligible for the award and that you are not too late to apply for it. First Year Computer Science Student | Royal Holloway

Get estimating your costs

Just an online form I had to fill out, but it asked me about predicted costs for next year, and as I hadn't started university yet I had no idea of actual values. But the form was general so I gave a sensible guess and that was enough. Make sure you’re organised and have all the right documents; this will save a lot of stress. First Year Engineering Student | University Of Southampton

Consent to share your income

I applied for the university bursary which was relatively simple; on the student finance application you just had to be sure to agree to share information with the university. Any problems I had with this were resolved well by the student centre. Fourth Year Social Studies Student | Brunel University

Not another personal statement...

I had to write a personal statement to support my application outlining why I deserved the bursary; get help and advice from your parent or a tutor for this. Second Year Law Student | University Of Westminster

Get interview-ready

The application process for my scholarship involved submitting a personal statement, giving a presentation and an interview. The interview was a new experience for me which I found quite daunting. I would recommend thinking of some likely questions and how you would answer them. Third Year Maths Student | University Of Birmingham

Stuck? Chat to an adviser

Any questions were quickly answered by a friendly and knowledgeable person on the end of a phone. Second Year Music Student | Falmouth University



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