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Student finance

Get on top of student finance, budgets and money matters

6 min read

Freshers' survival: student banking tips

Essential banking tips for any university student including choosing the best student bank account, how to use overdrafts and credits cards, and more.

08 March 2018

6 min read

Student fees and finance for where you live

Do you know how student finance works? Find out if you can get student finance and how to go about it.

18 February 2018

5 min read

Quick guide to student finance if you’re from Scotland

Scottish student applying for student finance? See why you might not have to pay any tuition fees, plus help available for living costs.

15 February 2018

6 min read

Quick guide to student finance if you're from Wales

If you’re a Welsh student off to uni, read our guide to what loans and grants are on the table, whether you're studying in Wales or elsewhere in the UK...

15 February 2018

4 min read

Quick guide to fees and finance if you’re from Northern Ireland

Northern Irish student looking for help with uni fees, loans and grants? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

15 February 2018

8 min read

Student finance: what parents need to know

Do you understand your child’s student finance? Your child can get money towards tuition fees – now capped at £9,250 a year for UK and EU students – and for living costs. Find out more in our guide.

25 January 2018

6 min read

Supporting your child's student finance: Q&A

Got a question about your child's student finance? Julie Kelly from the University of Hertfordshire tackles those important need-to-knows...

25 January 2018

7 min read

Quick guide to student finance if you’re from England

Are you an English student struggling to understand student finance? You can get money towards your tuition fees – now capped at £9,250 a year for UK and EU students - and for your living costs. Find out more in our guide.

24 January 2018

5 min read

Student finance: five funding delays to avoid

Student finance delays is a position no-one wants to be in. Follow these tips to avoid problems, and what to do if you do have student finance delays.

20 January 2018

4 min read

What types of extra funding are available to help you at university?

If you need an extra loan for your student finance, or think you might be eligible for a hardship fund or bursary, it’s worth seeing what you can get.

15 January 2018

3 min read

Having a part-time job at university: students' views

Many students find that a part-time job can be a great way of coping with costs. Read their top tips on bagging part-time work and how to manage it with your workload…

04 January 2018

4 min read

How much debt will you actually get into by going to university?

Your loan repayments are calculated based on what you earn, not what you borrowed (the total student ‘debt’). We explain more in this guide.

01 October 2017

3 min read

Quick guide to fees and finance for part-time students

If you’re looking to study part-time, this quick guide to finance will give you a good outline of what you need to know to get started.

01 October 2017

3 min read

Parents: five student bills you should know about

Helping your son or daughter prepare for student budgeting? Here are five student bills to get your child familiar with before they fly the nest...

01 October 2017

5 min read

Student money: 10 things to remember to budget for

To help you prepare for money management at uni, we've come up 10 top things you should factor into your student budget...

28 April 2017

4 min read

NHS Student Bursary [England] - updated for 2017

Learn how changes to the NHS bursary will impact what funding is available to you if you're beginning a health-related degree after August 2017.

27 March 2017

2 min read

What your tuition fees cover

If you’re going to be paying up to (or even just over) £9,000 a year in tuition fees, you’re probably wondering exactly what it covers. Find out exactly what you get for your money…

21 July 2016

3 min read

What learning support can you get at university if you have dyslexia?

There’s no reason why having dyslexia should make going to university a difficult process. Find out what kind of support is available and how you can get it.

09 May 2016

3 min read

Five things students need to know about tax

Tax needn't trip you up. Our friends Tax Guide for Students share their top five pointers and where to look for help...

06 April 2016

3 min read

Should you choose a degree course with lower tuition fees?

When it comes to student debt, the figures can look scary. But trying to cut costs by taking a cheaper course is unlikely to make financial sense. Here’s why…

22 September 2015

3 min read

How to stretch your student loan

Being completely out of pocket by the end of term isn’t the best situation to be in. Our intern Laura offers some tips to help your money go further...

16 September 2014

4 min read

Student parents: what support is available?

Find out about the financial support and university facilities available for student parents with our quick guide.

10 February 2014

1 min read

Students talk tuition fees and money matters [video]

Do students think they're getting value-for-money from their tuition fees? Our reporter hit campuses to find out first-hand about money matters at uni.

02 April 2013

2 min read

Applying for bursaries and scholarships – student tips

Want to apply for a bursary or scholarship but not sure how the process works? Students share their top tips on how it all works.

14 March 2013

1 min read

How to survive on a student loan [video]

Our roving student video reporter headed to university campuses to get some top money-saving tips from students. Watch the video to see what they said…

20 February 2013

2 min read

Student money: 10 ways to cut your costs at university

Save as much money as possible while you're at university, and still enjoy yourself, with these 10 top tips from students...

14 February 2013

1 min read

Quick guide to fees and finance: Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

The Channel Islands and Isle of Man are part of the British Isles, but tuition fees and student support is different. Find out more here…

06 September 2012

4 min read

What your tuition fees won’t cover

Paying up to £9,000 a year in tuition fees is a lot of money, but there’s more than just the cost of teaching, lectures and seminars you’ll need to cover…

14 August 2012

1 min read

What's better – a fee waiver or a bursary?

Free money is, of course, always welcome - but when it comes fee waivers and bursaries, the latter is nearly always better news for your pocket.

13 August 2012

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