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How I survived Clearing: Megan's story

While Megan is more than happy at Northampton now, it wasn't exactly her original plan. She shares her Clearing journey with us.

Note, this article was originally published in August 2017.

This includes how Which? University came to the rescue on the day – we're pleased to hear it, Megan!

Which? Uni: How did you react when you received your grades on results day?

Megan: I crashed emotionally. Words can't really describe the emotional fall you take when you work so hard and it doesn't work out. 

I'm an organised person who likes to have everything planned out and Clearing seemed the opposite to that: you have no idea which universities have spaces on the course you want; which university you will eventually pick and whether you will be happy with that choice. 

Going through Clearing was something I didn't feel up to, but I had to do. So I'm glad it was such a simple process. 

Watch now: My Clearing Story with Megan

W?: Your original university did offer you a place on another course, right?

M: Yes, I was offered a place on a psychology and educational studies course rather than my original psychology course choice. But educational studies isn't something that interests me. I decided not to settle and to go through Clearing instead. 

Although I may have been able to drop the educational studies aspect of my course at some point, I didn't want to risk it and end up losing my chance to do the course I wanted to do.

Watch now: Finding a university in Clearing

W?: Tell us a bit about your Clearing phone call to Northampton. 

M: It was surprisingly quick and easy. I spoke to one person who asked what I wanted to study, the subjects I did and the grades I got. They then said that the university was able to offer me a place on the course I wanted to do. I was absolutely over the moon.  

I didn't think I had quite enough Ucas points to get on to the course but now I'm glad I called anyway!


W?: What one tip would you give to students going through Clearing?

M: Sometimes going to a different university can work out for the better. As long as you take your studying style with you, you'll do fine wherever you go. 

I didn't realise how homesick I would get, so going to a more local university has worked out best for me. And I've had a very successful first year, grade-wise. 

Although it can feel like the end of the world not getting into the university you wanted to, it is honestly just a bump in the road in terms of getting where you want to be in life. 


W?: How did Which? University help you during Clearing? 

M: When you're upset about your grades and not getting into the university of your choice, you don't need extra stress. 

Which? University was such an easy website to navigate that it made looking up courses quick and easy. I used the search bar on the homepage in which I put in the type of course I wanted to study. I filtered my results down to full-time courses and those with a high student satisfaction score. 

Through doing that bit of extra research, I was able to get a place at a university that I think has ended up being far more suited to me than the university I chose originally.


W?: And finally, how are you getting on now?

M: I finished my second year with a high 2:1 which I'm really proud of! Although this year has been harder than my first year, I was able to survive it because of my friends who also do Psychology. They are so supportive and we always have a laugh together which makes fast approaching deadlines far less stressful!

Overall, I'm heading into my final year with strong grades and amazing pals and I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else! 

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    About Megan

    Megan Hogg - University of Northampton
    When Megan gets some free time from studying, she loves being outdoors, going for walks and camping. Megan is also a volunteer for Victim Support.

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