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Career prospects

How to boost your chances of landing a dream career

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5 min read

Top 10 degree subjects for graduate starting salaries

Want to study a degree course with a top graduate salary? Find out which subjects were best for starting salaries last year and the types of jobs that grads go into.

14 April 2015

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1 min read

Graduate prospects: medicine and dentistry

Studying a medicine or dentistry degree? Good news! You can expect some very bright employment prospects...

29 January 2015

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1 min read

Graduate prospects: psychology

Planning to study psychology at university? Here's an overview of your prospects with a psychology degree under your belt...

29 January 2015

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1 min read

Graduate prospects: law

Studying law doesn't necessarily mean you have to become a lawyer. Here are the typical routes that law graduates take...

29 January 2015

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4 min read

Top universities for graduate starting salaries

Revealed: top unis for graduate starting salaries and how much their grads are earning.

08 May 2014

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3 min read

What employers think about sandwich courses and work experience

You might have heard a lot about how important work experience is and how employers love it. And you know what? It is really important, and employers do love it…

04 October 2013

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4 min read

How does the region you study in affect your graduate employment prospects?

Does the region you study in affect your graduate employment prospects? You might not think it, but yes – location counts. Our employment expert explains why.

03 October 2013

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3 min read

Will going to a top university guarantee me a good job?

While nothing can guarantee you a good job, picking the right university can improve your chances. But what qualifies as a 'top university' or a 'good job'?

01 October 2013

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3 min read

Do you need a Masters to get a good job these days?

No is the easy answer to this one, but it all comes down to what you want to do. A postgraduate qualification can give you the edge – or even be essential – with some careers; with others you can certainly get a graduate-level job without it.

30 September 2013

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3 min read

Higher Education Achievement Reports explained

Going to uni is more than just getting a decent degree classification. New Higher Education Achievement Reports are designed to reflect just that.

04 October 2012

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3 min read

How important is it to do extra-curricular activities at university?

Extra-curricular activities are great for both personal and practical reasons. Here are just a few of the many opportunities open to you at university.

14 August 2012

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