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A-level choices

Pick the right A-level subjects and options for you

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2 min read

What A-levels do you need to study biology?

Wondering what your biology degree entry requirements are? We reveal the best A-level subjects and help you choose from the many different biology courses at uni. 

30 April 2018

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2 min read

How NOT to make A-level choices

If you're picking your A-levels like this, you're asking for trouble. This is definitely not the way to pick your A-level subjects.

27 April 2018

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5 min read

Quick guide to BTECs

What is a BTEC and what universities accept them? We explain the different types of BTEC and what their equivalent is in Ucas points.

18 April 2018

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2 min read

What A-levels do you need to study biochemistry?

Wondering what your biochemistry degree requirements are? We reveal what A-Llevel subjects to take and what university to choose for your science degree. 

18 April 2018

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3 min read

What A-levels do you need to become a teacher?

What qualifications do you need to be a teacher? We explain the A-levels that are useful to have, plus more info about getting on to a primary education course.

16 April 2018

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3 min read

What A-levels do you need to become a nurse?

What qualifications do you need to be a nurse or midwife? To do a nursing degree, there are certain A-levels you should take.

16 April 2018

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3 min read

What A-levels do you need to become an engineer?

Whatever type of engineering you want to study, it’s important to know the A-level entry requirements to get into the university course of your choice. Find out what A-levels you need to become an engineer.

16 April 2018

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3 min read

What A-levels do you need to study psychology?

What are the entry requirements for psychology? We explain the A-Levels you could consider for a career in the social sciences.

28 March 2018

Blurred study habits

3 min read

Five study habits you should begin now

Pick up these study tips ASAP, and see the difference in your grades come the end of the year.

27 March 2018

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3 min read

Which AS-level subject should you drop?

Choosing which AS subject to drop? Here are some important factors to weigh up when deciding which subjects to continue with next year

14 March 2018

Blurred what alevels to become a doctor

4 min read

What A-levels do you need to become a doctor?

Are you an aspiring doctor? Here are the A-levels you need to study to make sure you get that all-important university place to study medicine.

01 February 2018

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7 min read

A-levels and AS-levels, explained

Confused about how your As and A-level studies are structured? Here we aim to clear up any confusion including the latest re-shaping of the structure.

11 January 2018

Blurred why your as level grades really matter

4 min read

Why your AS-level grades still really matter

Contrary to what you may hear, AS-levels are still important following the recent shake-up of A-levels, in particular when it comes to applying for university.

11 January 2018

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4 min read

How Chloe managed the leap from GCSE to A-levels

Having just finished Year 12, Chloe gives us the lowdown on transitioning from GCSEs to A-levels, how she picked her subjects, what surprised her and more.

15 August 2017

Blurred results day diary banner

4 min read

Results day 2016: how it all went down

Last minute meltdowns, results reactions, cupcakes, Snapchat Stories – this is how results day 2016 went down in one school.

15 June 2017

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2 min read

Uni applicant diaries: what I wish I'd known about Year 12

Making A-level choices this year? To help you get it right, we asked last year's Year 12 students and uni applicant bloggers Catherine and Hannah what they wish they'd known beforehand...

01 September 2016

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4 min read

These are the 10 most popular A-levels

We count down the 10 most popular subjects taken at A-level by students who go on to uni. Can you guess what topped the list?

28 April 2016

Blurred demontfort

2 min read

What do universities really think about A-level law?

A-level law – good or bad idea? You may have heard that some universities aren’t keen on it. We asked some admissions tutors to find out what the real story is…

04 February 2016

Blurred kingston university

2 min read

Are certain A-level combinations too narrow?

Picking similar subjects for your A-levels? As told by our careers expert, here are the do's and don'ts for university-approved A-level combinations.

20 January 2016

Blurred goldsmiths

2 min read

What do universities think about A-level general studies?

General studies and critical thinking. Waste of time or useful additions to your A-level line-up? Find out more...

20 October 2015

Blurred bucksnew8

1 min read

What A-levels do you need to study business?

If you’re thinking of studying a business degree at university, make sure your A-level line-up ticks admissions tutors’ boxes…

08 January 2013

Blurred plymouthuni2

1 min read

What A-levels do you need to study history?

Find out the best subjects to study if you're planning on taking a history degree.

08 January 2013

Blurred queensunibelfast

2 min read

What A-levels do you need to study maths?

Wondering what a maths degree entry requirements are? Find out what A-level subjects to take and the best university options for maths. 

08 January 2013

Blurred 187 camberwell college of arts university of the arts london graphic student

2 min read

What qualifications do you need to study art and design?

From art foundation courses to popular art courses, our essential guide will help you take your next step towards your perfect art and design degree.

07 January 2013

Blurred birminghamcity1

1 min read

What’s better – five average A-level grades or three good ones?

Picking your A-levels can be difficult. The quick answer is nearly always the three good ones. Trying to be flash can end in disaster!

14 August 2012

Blurred norland college

3 min read

Should I try to take an A-level exam early?

Taking exams before you need to? A perfect way to prove you’re ahead of the game academically and impress admissions tutors? Not necessarily. We explain why.

14 August 2012

Blurred media robertgordon

2 min read

What do universities think about A-level media studies?

Media studies. A great introduction for a future career in media? Or a subject some universities aren’t too keen on? We asked universities what they really think.

14 August 2012

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