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Year 13: A-level calendar - key dates

If you’re a Year 13 student and want to know what to expect during this important year, follow our simple termly planners to make sure you’re thinking about the right thing at the right time.

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Autumn term: what to expect, and when

It’s important to know what to expect as you transition from Year 12 to Year 13. There’s a lot to get through this term and you'll have big decisions to make, including what course to study and where to apply, crafting your personal statement, as well as really beginning to work towards your final grades. If you’re applying to Oxbridge, you will need to meet the October deadline.

This is what to expect during the autumn term:

Year 13: key time planner for Autumn term

Spring term: what to expect, and when

It’s the second term of Year 13, and the Ucas deadline is looming early on in the year, but what should you be thinking about after January 15th?

In between studies, it’s important to take steps towards your university journey. There is plenty to think about this term: student accommodation, applying for student finance, scholarships and bursaries and how to reply to those all-important uni offers, as well as what to do if asked to attend an interview for a university course

Find out when you should be thinking about making these steps with helpful links:
Year 13: key time planner for Spring term

Summer term: what to expect, and when

It’s the big one. As well as revising for your final exams, there are many other things you may want to think about this term. You might also want to explore some matters in more detail that you have already looked into during the spring term, such as student finance and accommodation.

This planner will guide you through when exams begin, when to expect your results and what to do if they do or don’t go to plan. Good luck!

Here are some essential links below to help you:

What else?

For further reading around these areas, you may also find the Getting into Uni Guide, the Complete Guide to Student Finance, or the Parents, Guardian and Carers Guide to University helpful.


Handy print out planner for the whole year If you’d like a handy print out guide for these planners for the whole year, download below:


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