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For teachers

The Complete Guide to Sponsored Degrees

Would your students prefer a degree that combines study and paid work experience? A sponsored degree may appeal to them. Our guide explains all...

Get the lowdown on sponsored degrees, including what kinds of courses are available and which universities and employers offer them, with our free guide, below.


Sponsored degrees can be a great option for students who want to balance full-time study (covered by an employer) with real world work experience, plus a salary. Download a copy of our guide to educate your students about "learning while earning".

What's inside?

  • What’s a sponsored degree and how does it differ from an apprenticeship?
  • The benefits – and possible downsides – of choosing a sponsored degree
  • Where to find out about courses
  • What employers are looking for – and career prospects
  • How to apply

Note: to download a PDF file, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader software.