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Offering quality, value and flexibility, the Open University is a world leader in modern distance learning, pioneering teaching and learning methods which enable people to achieve their career and life goals by studying at times and in places to suit them. The OU is the biggest UK university with more than 250,000 students, 71% working full or part-time during their studies.

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Source: Open University Students' Association

Open University Students' Association

How students describe this university

Source: Which? student survey

We asked more than 12,500 undergraduates to say how far they would describe their uni as having the following characteristics. We carry out this analysis where we have scores from at least 30 students. You can also see whether these ratings are high, medium or low compared to other universities.

We’re sorry, we haven’t been able to speak to enough students get reliable descriptions of this institution yet.

Vital stats

Sources: NSS, DLHE & HESA
Student score HIGH85%
This is the mean satisfaction rating from final-year students taking this subject here according to the National Student Survey. We’ve analysed the levels of overall satisfaction against other universities offering this subject to be able to say whether this figure is high, typical or low. <br /><br /><strong>Tip</strong>: this rating offers you a glimpse into what students on the ground think about things such as the quality of facilities and teaching on the course. <a href="/advice/what-do-student-satisfaction-scores-really-tell-you"><em>What do student satisfaction scores tell you?</em></a>

Overall student satisfaction

91% of students are very or quite satisfied with this university

Number of students

209,705 students attended last year

Undergraduate / Postgraduate

93% of students are undergrads

Full-time / Part-time

100% of students are part-time

Male / Female

60% of students are female

Young / Mature

92% of students aged over 21

UK / Non-UK

0% of students here are from outside the UK

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League table rankings

Here's where this university ranks in the three main league tables (where available), which are calculated using a combination of stats that they each weight in different ways. They’re a handy guide but don’t offer the full picture – just because a university is top (or bottom) of the league tables doesn’t mean it is (or isn’t) the right choice for you. More on what university league tables really tell you.

This institution doesn’t feature in any of the three main league tables, most likely because it’s small or specialist and there isn’t enough data to create a ranking. In a small number of cases some universities have opted out appearing in certain league tables.

Where it's located

We’ve pinpointed the key sites where teaching takes place. Check in the smallprint of the course you’re interested in to see where exactly you’d be based, especially if there are multiple locations spread across a wide area.

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