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What A-levels do you need to study sports science?

By Andy Gardner (Careers Adviser) - 18 March 2013

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If you're thinking of studying a sports science degree at university, here are some of the A-level subjects you might want to take into consideration come options time.

Requirements vary from course to course, but many universities will expect you to have at least one science subject or physical education. 

Essential A-levels (or equivalent) 

Many courses want to see one from: 
  • Biology. 
  • Chemistry.
  • Maths.
  • Physics.
Some courses will treat physical education as a science equivalent.

Useful A-levels (or equivalent)

  • Physical education/ sports science.
  • Psychology.

Other typical A-levels taken by current sports science students

  • Geography.
  • Business Studies.
Take a look at individual sports science courses on Which? University to find out the most popular subjects students studied before attending.  

Similar subject areas…

Similar subjects may have different A-level requirements to sports science, so if you want to keep your degree options open, be sure to check the entry requirements of specific courses before you finalise your choices.